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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my friend romaine24! I sure do miss talking to you and hope your life is going well. Hope you have had a wonderful day!!!



Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Ana! I miss talking to my favourite dragon!

The Joys of Bra Shopping

Can i just take a moment here to express my complete and utter HATRED of an activity I think that many of us here have likely engaged in?

I speak of, my friends, of the horrors of BRA SHOPPING.

First off, can I just say that I HATE bras. HATE THEM. Why wasn't I around for the bra-burning in the 60s? I would have TOTALLY burned by bra. I would have jumped on the women's rights bandwagon regardless of how I felt about rights just for the opportunity to burn my bra. I hate them that much. Never wear them at home. I come home from work or out wherever, take off the shoes, take off the bra. They are SO UNCOMFORTABLE. I mean, a man had to have invented bras. If not a man, then a masochistic woman. Really, what is a bra but an overly tight elastic band wrapped around one's body (that generally fastens in the back, therefore requiring women to become contortionists to even put the damn things on), with straps that either dig into your shoulders or slide down your arms (trapping them in awkward positions), forcing you to shove them back into place a zillion times a day (and boy, I love doing that little bra-shoving dance)?

And the cups? Underwire? Yeah, I love wearing a THIN METAL WIRE next to one of the more sensitive spots on my body. Tell me again how thin metal wires shoved under my breasts magically hold them up? If it were a metal shelf, ok, maybe I could understand the concept. But a metal wire? I mean, what the hell is that supposed to do but cut into my skin (and set off metal detectors at the airport)?

Despite my great hatred of them, I went bra shopping yesterday. (Actually, perhaps my great hatred caused me to have put off this fun adventure for...gads, I have no idea how long it's been since i bought new bras. Mine are pretty sad looking.) So I go to Kohl's and wander around BraLand and choose several likely-looking candidates, starting first with the no-underwire types. I mean, if I can avoid being stabbed by metal and setting off alarms in public places staffed with hordes of heaviliy armed people searching for terrorists, then by all means--let's avoid the wire.

Now, I've put on a few pounds in the past couple of years (which I'm looking to lose, if anyone is needing some extra body fat for the winter), so I'm not exactly sure what size braband I need. So I get a couple in my old size, some in the next size up. Or attempt to. Now, I don't have very large breasts. But apparently all women who might need a larger size band also have boobs needing large cup sizes. Except me. Large-ish sizeband, small/average size cups. Where are those bras? Well, apparently, they only make a few like that and they are buried in the forest of push-ups and demi-cups and full-coverages and minimizers that comprises BraLand.

Out of desperation, I started trying on bras that were the "right" band size, but a cup larger than I have ever worn. And trust me, my boobs have not grown. I would know. And guess what? I can wear a cup size larger in several of the bras I tried on!!! WTF? I mean, I've spent years not-quite-filling the smaller size...yet when I try on a bra that is a full cup size larger...it FITS????? And not just one bra...SEVERAL bras in the larger cup size fit me fine. I am starting to think these cup sizes are randomly assigned by nearsighted factory workers standing 10 feet away from the bra they are sizing.

So I try on approximately 4,321 bras. Granted, I didn't count, so I could be lowballing that figure. Now, a lot of those bras were "duplicates." By duplicates, I mean same bra, different sizes. Because of course bra sizes are about as consistent across brands as jeans sizes are. Which is to say, not very. *sigh* So I had to figure out my "range" of sizes, then try on more than one bra in each style because who knew which size I would be in that particular style?

And of course, since I didn't have enough annoyance to deal with, there is always the extra frustrating fact that bra makers can't be consistent with sizing WITHIN THE SAME BRAND. Meaning that in Style A of a Vanity Fair bra I might wear size X, yet in Style B of a Vanity Fair bra, I wear size z. I mean, come on!!!!! Give us women a litle help here, manufacturers!!!!

I did discover some camisole-type garments that provide support in the breasticle area. I was fairly pleased with this exciting discovery and purchased three. I am hoping that they work so well that I can perhaps forgo wearing the torture devices on some occasions.

You know, when you try on bras, you also have to try on shirts. I mean, if you really want to see if a bra looks ok, you have to put a shirt over it. Does the chest look like I'm going for the Madonna-pointy-bra look? Can you see the cup seams? Is that "silky smooth" fabric bunched up and looking bizarre under the shirt? If a cool breeze blows, am I gonna look like a porn star? So in addition to taking a half million bras off and on and off and on and off and on, I was yanking a shirt off and on and off and on and off and on...and screwing my hair up...you get the picture.

The only positive (besides maybe the camisole things)? The store wasn't busy and I could take a whole slew of bras into the dressing room with me at a go...if I'd had to follow the "5 garments at a time" rule like the little dressing room sign said, I'd have started ripping my hair out in chunks. So I only had to go through the redressing/fixing the hair/empty the dressing room of rejects/restock the selection of stuff to try on process like...4 times I think.

Well, after over TWO HOURS of this inane torture, I found a bra that fit without cutting off my circulation and that looks normal under clothes and will hopefully keep my breasts "properly" supported and happy and snug like a bug in a rug. So I bought three of them. Which, I sincerely hope, means I will not have to go bra shopping for a VERY VERY LONG TIME.

Like, maybe, never.
I've now finally seen both National Treasure and National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. Of course, I saw them in reverse order. My parents had just gotten the second one and wanted to see it so I watched it with them. I liked it so much I decided to go back and watch the first one. I really did like them both. They sort of reminded me of the Indiana Jones movies and I love those. I loved all the history tidbits in them (I'm a big history nerd, remember).

Does anyone else have fucked up cable where the sound goes out at least once a day for several minutes at a time? The picture is there but just all of the sudden--whammo. No sound. Really, really annoying.

I'm watching the Braves. First game back after the All-Star break. Did anyone see the All-Star game? Wow! The pre-game stuff usually bores me to tears but this year they did a good job with all the Hall of Famers in the parade and on the field. The game was good but LONG as a greedy kid's Christmas list. Almost 5 hours. I gave up in the 14th inning and went to bed. It finally ended in the 15th. Sadly, the NL lost but at least it was a good game with some good exciting moments.

My parents' dog, Harvey, is home for the weekend. Poor Harvey is getting radiation treatment for cancer in his leg. He has to go to this specialist animal hospital in Sandy Springs (Atlanta) during the week but gets to come home on weekends. So my dad went and got him today and he is so glad to be home and we are all so glad to have him home. My parents' other dog, Herschel, is another sad case. He's sort of old, diabetic, blind (one eye surgically removed so he's sort of a pirate dog but he's blind in the eye he has left so really he's just a blind dog) and mostly deaf. Pretty pathetic but he's hanging in. Herschel and Harvey were glad to see each other even if they would never admit it (they pretend not to like each other a lot of the time).

My mom made my favourite dinner tonight: tacos. YUM. My mom makes the best tacos. Of course I eat mine with ground turkey meat while the rest of the family eats beef  since i don't like beef. It's amazing,I just realised that I sat through the  whole meal and no one (ie my brother) made a comment about the fact that I don't eat beef. Wow. After 15 (16?) years of not eating beef maybe they are finally accepting it. Wouldn't that be something? ;)

I tell you, one nice benefit of not being able to move into my apt yet and having to stay at my parents is the fact that I get to eat my mom's cooking almost every night. Hell of a lot better than my own cooking, let me tell you! lol!

Well I guess that is enough rampbling for tonight. Gonna finish packing (we leave for family vacation in St. Augustine, FL tmw) and watch the rest of the Braves game. GO BRAVES! WIN!!!

16th Jul, 2008

Oh, and here's the latest on my life. My move-in date to my duplex unit has been pushed back--again--to Monday 21 July. That would be 3 weeks after the original move-in date of 1 July. I went in yesterday and unpacked clothes that go in my dressers. Otherwise, not much more I can do until the place is finished. Can't hang anything in my master bedroom closet, because they have to paint the wall where they had to cut out a chunk to get to the pipes in the master bath. the wall piece has been replaced but they haven't been in to paint the wall yet. can't do anything in the bathroom because they have to be painted. they also need shower heads and the recently grouted tile floors desperately need mopping. and the master bath still needs a toilet (its still sitting in the living room). when i was there yesterday, the man was re-laying the tile in the kitchen. cabinets, counters, appliances can't be put in til the floor is done. sigh....

still looking forward to going to florida! we leave for st. augustine in 3 days! yippee!!!


16th Jul, 2008

Ok, here's a general question:

my parents buy Mayfield milk (in the yellow jug). The last 4 gallons they've bought, a day or so after opening it, if you sniff it, it smells sour. I mean, yuck! The date on the jug is well within freshness.

But the thing is--its not the milk that is sour. Its the plastic jug! If you clean off the rim it helps reduce the sour smell. Pouring the milk into a glass, it smells and tastes perfectly fine (and I am the queen of recoiling at the smell of sour milk...I have a very sensitive sniffer for that kind of thing).

Has anyone else ever had this issue? Heard of it? I suspect there is something wrong with the plastic itself and wonder if Mayfield is using a different kind of plastic lately or something.

I hate speeding tickets!

ARGH! tell me again why I moved back to GA? I should have stayed in Texas!

Driving to Athens yesterday, I got pulled over for speeding by the Barrow "Speed Trap" County Sheriff's Dept. Argh! I was in a PACK of cars all going the same speed--about 80 in a 65. I'm not arguing I was speeding--I was. But so were the 10 or so other cars in front of, behind and beside me. So why was I cut from the herd? Texas plates. I know that is why he picked me out of all those speeding cars to cite.


moving update

So, I drove up to Athens today (Mom came along too). I have been calling/emailing the office for the past 2 days (4 attempts at contact each Tuesday and Wednesday) and no return call or email.

We go into my unit and thank god, some work has been done. But no way is it "move in ready" like it is supposed to be for TOMORROW. I knew it wasn't going to be. But bathrooms are almost done (have toilets, sinks, cabinet, shower/tub--needs mirrors, tile surround around the tub done, touch up paint). Tile floor in kitchen has been partially torn up because it hadn't been laid properly the first time. Otherwise, no change in the kitchen.

We go to the office and finally talk to the manager. She was out yesterday, office closed, due to her young daughter being sick (I suspected the office had been closed yesterday for some reason but still wasn't pleased). She asks if Contractor Clay has called me--he hasn't. She said she told him to call me and update me. She finally gets him on phone. The new estimated time the place will be ready for me to live in is "late next week"--so around the 17th/18th. So glad that they had called to inform me that I couldn't move in TOMORROW (although I knew I wasn't going to be able to, just knew it--or someone would have called me back fast).

The "good" news: one, I can move up the bedroom furniture I have stored in Atlanta up on Saturday as I had hoped. I've had to rescedule it once (twice? I can't remember) already. Granted, its a "family" move (i.e. my 2 brothers and my dad and me) but still been trying to schedule it, my brother and dad had asked off time from work originally then I had to cancel because the place wasn't ready. At least this Sat. my dad and bro are off and haven't had to rearrange their work schedules again. Still have to get a UHaul truck for Sat now.

the other good news is the bathrooms should be fully finished by monday, so i can get into the bedrooms/bathrooms beginning tuesday to REALLY start unpacking. Going up tomorrow to do some unpacking (closets mostly) but hard to unpack all my clothes when my bedroom furniture is still in Atlanta! we've also decided that some other items of furniture can just wait to be moved up until LATER after i've done a lot more unpacking--desk for my office that i inherited from my grandparents, stuff like that. that way there will be space to move it in--right now the place is too full of boxes everywhere!

the manager also gave me one month's free rent today. i'd already been given 150 off and i am not paying for any days in july that i cant live there. so at least there has been some financial compensation for all the massive inconvenience i've experienced.

I had really hoped (assumed, actually) that by the time I headed to Florida with my family for a week at the beach on the 19th that I would be moved in, unpacked and settled. Looks like...not. Hopefully it will all be done by the 17th so I can get a lot done on the 17th/18th before we leave on the 19th. I feel sort of stupid leaving for vacation with my home an unpacked crazy zone but the reservations were made ages ago...ah well. I will just enjoy the beach and try to keep my worry about the apt to now (before I leave) and after I get back!

wish me luck!


Greeting from GA!

Hello LJ friends! I'm sorry I have been out of touch for, um, basically months. I just am never on lj! Seems like I'm not online period a lot lately. Life has been a bit hectic due to the fact that I have moved halfway across the country to GA! I'm well and GA is fine (not nearly as hot as TX!) but the move hasn't gone as smoothly as I'd have liked. Do they ever?

If you just want the short version, here it is: my apt isn't ready and I'm staying at my parents til it is (should be ready 11 July). Want the long, chock-full-of-details version? Read on....

My wonderful mom comes out to help me pack on the 22nd. That afternoon, my fabulous friends throw me a going-away party. It was a BBQ at my friend Andrea's house and so many of my friends were there. It was great! Lots of fun, though sad too.

So...the movers from North American came on 27 June. That was fine, went well. They didn't have the mirror boxes I had requested (twice) that they bring but they promised to repack the mirrors and glass furniture tops in mirror boxes when they got back to the warehouse (my stuff was being stored til the driver came in on (supposedly) Monday). Remember this, it will be important later.

My mom left on Sunday, I left on Monday morning (*sniff*) and arrived in Duluth at my parents' house around 645pm on Tuesday (after a great stay at my usual 1-star Motel 6 in Monroe LA. The first room i was assigned, the door lock was broken and the smoke detector was beeping. but they moved me right away to a room with a non-beeping (does that mean non-working?) smoke detector and a lock that at least let me open and close the door). The drive was fine, long as 17 hours always is but great weather and no problems.

All this time, I have been talking with the movers at least once daily trying to get my confirmed delivery date of my stuff--they told me they'd give me a date at pick-up then since it was going into storage, when the driver came. Run-around is what i got. Driver didn't come on monday, he was coming on tuesday. finally driver (John) came and got my stuff and he was supposed to call me but didn't. finally, North American gave me HIS number and I called HIM. he wasn't exactly the friendliest guy and gave me every excuse possible as to why he couldn't tell me when he'd be delivering my stuff yet: he had two pickups here and here and then it was the 4th or July and then (woe is him, poor guy) he had to drive to washington dc after he dropped off my stuff, etc. etc. Why he thought i'd care, i have no idea. but he went on and on and ON and told me MAYBE thursday afternoon, MAYBE Saturday am (no delivery on friday due to 4th). So (Wednesday afternoon) I call N. Am and tell them what he said. i told them i was surprised their drivers didnt have to submit some kind of schedule to them to account for their time. they said they did, to the dispatcher's office. so my Contact Lady at N. Am. said she's talk to dispatcher. A little later she called me back and said it would be saturday for sure. Not sure on time, but Friendly Driver John would call to let me know.

Now let me back up a moment. before I left Austin (on the 26th I think), my GA apt. complex manager (Crystal) calls me to give me some bad news: the rehab on the apt i'm moving into is running behind schedule. The whole place is being redone--new paint, carpet, tile, appliances, cabinets, bathroom fixtures, blinds, doors, etc. It was supposed to be ready 1 July. She calls and says due to a death in the family of the 2 men (2!!! only 2 men are doing the work on all these units and there are many!) they are running behind. The unit won't be ready to move into until the 5th. At this point, my stuff hasn't been moved yet so all I know is my delivery date is a window between 1-7 July. She says my stuff can be moved in, they will work around it. I said ok (what choice did I have) but wasn't overly pleased. But I thought, ok, not a huge deal, I won't be in GA til the evening of the 1st anyway, I'll just stay with my folks a couple of days longer. I talk to her again on Tuesday and tell her move-in will be either Thursday or more likely Sat. She says that's great, better if Saturday. By Saturday, should be all ready except maybe cabinets in kitchen. I think that sounds ok.

Meanwhile my mom and I drive up to Athens (its about an hour from where my parents live) on Wednesday morning. I needed to sign my lease, get my keys (esp. since the movers were possibly coming on Thursday at this point), get the utilities turned on, etc. And I wanted to see the progress on the rehab. Go in, the complex manager (Crystal) is out (its her birthday and she's at the DMV getting her driver's license renewed) but the other girl who works in the office (Juls--yeah, in the office we have lots of shiny people: Crystal and "Jewels"! haha!) gives me my lease, I sign, pay rent, blah blah. She calls the foreman of the rehab crew-of-2 to find out where my keys are and he says the doors don't have locks yet! There are no keys. Great. So my mom and I go over to see the place. my neighbours on the other half of the duplex are literally moving in--nice couple with a 4-mo-old baby and a big U-Haul. Surprises us to see them moving some things into MY place. they said the workmen who are working in their kitchen finishing it said to put the stuff in my place for a couple of hours til they are done (they had to get the U-Haul back so had to unload it). Turns out, my neighbour's unit was supposed to be ready on the 30th and here it was the 2nd and still not done. He said he had to get out of his old place and had to move today, he'd delayed it as long as possible. I didn't mind the stuff being put into my place--what I minded was the fact that my place was GUTTED.

The unit had new carpet (not yet stapled down along the tile), new yet-to-be-grouted tile, new front and back doors sans hardware and new paint (poorly poorly done in some places--looks like latex over oil paint on the door frames and baseboards--it is literally peeling off). AND THAT IS ALL. No toilets, no sinks, no kitchen cabinets, no bathroom cabinets, no kitchen appliances, half the interiors doors are not hung, no blinds. And the unit is supposedly going to be move-in ready in less than 3 days. Riiiiight.

My mom just about has a melt-down. She is really, really upset. I'm not exactly happy myself. Just then Juls comes in to give my my copy of the lease and she looks a little surprised herself. She had told us the place would be ready on Saturday (per Crystal) and I think she had no idea that my place had had almost nothing done yet. We ask her if there are any other units ready NOW to move into but there are not. We ask about the townhouse-style unit I had looked at back in May but the earliest one of those would be ready would be Mon or Tues (at this point my place is supposedly going to ready on Sat.). My mom and I find the workmen in my neighbour's kitchen installing appliances and interrupt them. We explain the situation, want to know if it can really be ready by Saturday, say my stuff is coming in either tomorrow or Sat and MUST have lock on door. Foreman sends the other half of his crew-of-two to Lowe's to get locks and keys to install right away. He's not a bad guy, just very behind. He looks very tired and I guess he is since he and the other dude are doing all the work in so many units. I have no idea why there are only two of them! Foreman guy says there are empty units I can move my stuff into and/or a furnished unit I can stay in or they can put me up in hotel til my place is ready. Nice offer but I tell him I can't move my stuff twice--I have professional movers coming in a truck with all my stuff and they are moving it in--and where they put it, it stays, because I am not able (physically) to move all my stuff out of a storage place later when my unit is finally ready, nor can I afford to hire people to move me twice. He understands that, says really is fine to move my stuff in, they will work around it. Just don't put anything in kitchen or bathrooms or laundry area and leave a path for them to get through in living room. Also--hold off on getting water turned on as there are no fixtures yet (something else I'd planned to do that day was go to water services office, as they require you to go in person to set up new service). Worker-guy comes back and installs locks on doors, gives me the keys. Finally, my mom and I leave.

When we are almost back to Duluth, Crystal calls. She's back in the office. She apologises for mess and says she had no idea my place was so unfinished, she had been told otherwise (imho, she should have gone over and LOOKED for herself). Then she says she had talked with foreman and the new move-in date is friday 11 July. I tell her I just heard from my movers and my stuff arrives 5 July. She said that is fine still. Then she offers me the townhouse place at same rent as duplex (is $100 more a month normally), ready to move in on Tuesday the 8th, movers can put in stuff on 5th, townhouse only needs toilets installed monday then ready, all else is done. I told her i would think about it. When we got back to my parents' house, I pulled out the floorplan brochure I'd been given to refresh my memory on the townhouses. They were nice but more expensive and the master bedroom was smaller than the duplex. And the washer/dryer were squished under the stairs in the downstairs hall bath and I really didn't like that (the duplex has a nice-size laundry room that I can also use for storage). So I called Crystal back and told her since I had to wait regardless, I might as well wait for the one I wanted and that was the duplex. I tell her I want blinds installed (I don't want all my stuff sitting in the apt with uncovered windows so it is obviously uninhabited) and the carpet vacuumed before Saturday. She assures me it will be done.

Friendly Driver John calls Wednesday night to tell me (curtly) my delivery will be Saturday am, between 8 and 830 am! Gads, early! But I wasn't going to complain, even if it did mean leaving Duluth by 7am! John, however, really needs to learn some manners. He's borderline rude. As if I am putting him out by wanting to know what time my stuff is being delivered. Gosh, I am just so demanding!

Now, here's the good news: the 4th of July, my brother K and 4-year-old nephew J come over for lunch and to swim. At lunch, J says, "My mommy is gonna have a little brother or sister." At first I think he's saying he WANTS a bro or sis (which he has said in the past) then I look at K and see him grinning and nodding and we all realise J is saying that my sister-in-law B is pregnant! Yippee! We are so excited and go crazy jumping around the kitchen and hugging and such. J is very excited about becoming a big brother. When asked, he said he preferred a brother. I asked him, why, didn't he like girls? he said no, he liked girls. They are fine. But he wants a brother. B is due mid-February; she is about 7 weeks now. It was such a happy surprise!

Saturday, 5 July. My mom and dad drive up with me to Athens (my dad came along mostly because I am giving my mom my washer/dryer since my apt will have a new one (someday soon i hope!) and hers are quite old and we had the movers move the w/d into the trailer my dad hooked behind his SUV. but good thing he was there since the movers (at the warehouse i guess since they didn't do it when they picked up my stuff) had disassembled my furniture. it was great having him there to put my tables back together!). There are blinds on the windows (hooray!) but the carpet has not been vacuumed (its covered with that new-carpet fuzz stuff) so my mom and I do that real fast. After calling for directions, Friendly Driver John arrives right on time, 815 am. He and helper guy (he's skinny as a rail, much nicer than Friendly Driver John and wearing a Ferrari shirt. It turns out his last name is Ferrari--as he said, unfortunately, he's not related to the car Ferrari guy or he'd be living on the French Riviera!) They unload all my stuff. Bathroom stuff had to go into bedrooms. All the kitchen, laundry and office stuff all have to go in the 3rd bedroom, which isn't that big. The boxes are literally stacked to the ceiling!!!

They are setting up beds when Friendly Driver John comes down the hall and says he doesn't have the screws for the support bar of my queen bed frame. I said I didn't have them. He says, rudely, "why not?" I said, "no one gave them to me. the movers didn't give anything like that to me." He huffs, acts as though it is all my fault that I don't have something that he should have, as he is the mover. He says I should have them, not his fault if I don't. I don't but my dad miraculously finds some substitute screws in my toolbox (god knows what they were doing in there!) and the bed is fixed. No thanks to Friendly Driver John.

I open the mirror boxes to check the mirrors--they are fine. I open the box with the 3 glass tops to my wicker furniture (a dresser and 2 nightstands) and discover the dresser top is broken--a larger piece broken at the corner. I'm pretty pissed but glad I paid for insurance. I report this to Friendly Driver John when all is unloaded and we are reconciling the list of delivered stuff. He looks at it and LAUGHS and says, "You may as well as just go buy a new piece of glass, girl, North American isn't gonna pay for that, not how it was packed that way." I tell him the movers FROM North American packed it and and he said, "No they didn't." I said, YES, they did! Then he gets mad. He insists that I packed it.

I so enjoy being called a liar, especially by a fat, rude, jerk with no manners.

I explain to him (rather calmly, I thought) that the movers had indeed packed it. How they had shown up without mirror boxes and had told me they'd repack the glass stuff in a box at the warehouse and while 2 of the mirrors had been repacked, one mirror and the glass tops had not been. Fortunately, the one mirror (wrapped tightly in moving blankets) was fine but the glass tops ("boxed" in a broken-down cardboard box used as a cover and taped) were not all fine. Friendly Driver John finally seems to believe me but is ranting about how it's not his fault, it wasn't packed right, he's not taking responsibility, no one told him it was glass, it's not on the moving inventory (it IS--marked as "glass mirror pack"), blah, blah. I tell him fine, it's not his fault, but I'm listing it on the form as damaged and I will be claiming on my insurance. I agreed to write on the form that the glass had not been properly packed as I had been told it would be.

Then I ask about my missing lamp shade from my pole floor lamp. Friendly Driver John gets VERY defensive again, says what shade, no one gave me any shades. I said I had 3 shades and he brought me two. then he says that is all he got, not his fault no one gave it to him, the movers probably put it in one of my boxes and i will find it, not his problem. man, this guy is an asshole. a complete and total asshole. my mom even says all my boxes were sealed, so how could they put the shade in one. Then Friendly John starts in (he had mentioned this before) about how my boxes were not packed properly, not full to the top so that is why some got squashed (I listed the squashed boxes on the inventory form and boy did he NOT like that) and I should learn how to pack properly, not his fault if some people can't pack right, movers probably saw my boxes weren't full, cut one open and put my shade in it (i suppose its possible but i'm not holding my breath that i'll ever see that shade again, which pisses me off because i liked that lamp and now it looks really dumb without a shade and unless IKEA sells just the shades I guess I am out of luck). I suggested he tell his employers at North American that they should give out a brochure or something that helps people know how to pack properly (and how does one fill every box exactly to the top, esp. boxes with irregularly shaped things like kitchen blenders and coffee pots and such? they were packed with paper to cushion the tops). He said that people just want cheap moves these days, aren't wiling to pay nothing and don't know how to do anything right. I had had it that point. (I just paid 3000+ for this move--I wouldn't call it cheap.) I stood up and said, "I think it's time for you to go. We're done. Thanks for your help." He took the hint and left. I was nicer in my thanks to Ferrari-man, he really had been very nice and friendly and cheerful. I feel sorry for him having to work with Driver John!

After that pleasant interlude, we left and went home. Nothing more to do there, as I can't unpack til my place is finished--or at least more finished than it is now! I am hopefully going to go over this week and try to unpack some of my bedroom, but its hard to think about doing it since i can't get into the bathroom to unpack and space is sort of tight and limited while I can't access the kitchen too. Sigh.

So...that's my riveting tale. I hope to have more cheerful news to share with y'all soon--like how my apt is done and i'm unpacked and settled in! :)

Hope everyone is doing well!